my name is oscar luna.

and i'm just an Ordinary guy who wants to be creative and follow his



welcome to Punto. the label



Is a Spanish word which is defined and represents 'end', stop', finished'.                                                                                                     

When I was younger and I'd have arguments with my parents, they'd always end the argument by saying '¡Y, PUNTO!'; which meant that we're done talking and arguing and now we're moving forward.

I've taken this word and represented punto into me saying no to what society, my family, and others Expect of me. 

I've started to move into the direction I truely want to move in without looking back, which is starting this label. 


The beautiful thing about languages is that one word Can be defined in various ways.

So PUNTO can mean various things to different individuals.

It's up to you What you want it to mean. 



PUNTO is much more than a clothing brand, it represents a journey not a destination.

moving past the "standards" and comfort zones and striving and pushing  for our Dreams to become a reality.